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It's the FODA Ugly Bug Tea Party this Friday 23rd March from 3.30pm in the WW village hall..... It is also a Link Day and non uniform in return for Chocolate tombola items.....

School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan 2016-17

We are doing many things well and continuing to improve year on year. No matter the success of the school, there will be no end-point to our school improvement journey - we will always strive to innovate and improve so that we can provide the best possible education and pastoral care, so that our pupils will grow to be adaptable, resilient and compassionate 21st century citizens of the world. Our school improvement plan identifies our priorities for improvement in the short term and over the next few years.


As a Church of England school, in addition to Ofsted inspections we are regularly inspected under the SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) framework. We are very proud of our vision and values but are always seeking to further improve. This, even more than in other aspects of school improvement, must involve the views of all stakeholders, since we serve our community and would never thrive in isolation from it. Please take the time to view the results of the recent parent survey and pupil interviews below.

Below is an extract from a conversation had with a group of Key Stage Two pupils, in response to the question "What impact have the Christian values we explore in school had on your life?"


"Our Gold Leaf certificates in assembly show who is being really good at the values,"

"They are interesting because we can see people actually recognise when we show the value, like in the lunchtime awards too. The adults can see when we show the value, it’s good that we know adults can see it,"

"Like the Dunbury Citizen award is about the values too,"

"We learned about British values as well and they are the same as the church’s values – well, not the same, but they mean the same thing,"

"The values in collective worship help us realise what it is and what it looks like."