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We are collecting coins in each class, as a Maths/fundraising exercise. The funds raised will go to both FODA and the NSPCC. Please send your spare coins into school over the next few weeks, many thanks

Vision and Ethos

Picture 1 Dunbury vision


Spirituality, for us, means inspiring the soul.


Our Christian ethos means that we see education as a way of life that teaches us how to live well with others, with creation, with God and with ourselves.  To help us reflect on this, we use the images of mirror (how we see ourselves), window (how we see the awesomeness of creation), door (how we see other people) and candle (how we see God and ultimate reality).


We welcome people of all faiths and of none into our community to be inspired, to learn with us, and to be empowered to be people who exceed their expectations.