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Autumn Term 2020 - Welcome back! ....... It is lovely to see all our children back in school.......

Careers Week

This week is Careers Week in Scots Pine. You will all have aspirations for your lives when you grow up but choosing what job you might like to do is hard if you don’t know what jobs are available or what they entail. This week, I’d like you to build a portfolio up of all the jobs that interest you. Complete the activities and let me know how you get on. Maybe something surprised you or maybe you have discovered a job you didn’t know existed. I’d love to hear all about it.


First, take a look at the document below called Scots Pine Careers Week, which has lots of information in it about each job. The information has been put together by people who are currently employed in that role, so it is very insightful and individual. When you’ve spotted a job you would like to find out more about, there is an activity linked to it - pick the relevant document from below. Have a go at this and let me know how you get on! You can look at as many jobs and their activities as you like.