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Autumn Term 2020 - Welcome back! ....... It is lovely to see all our children back in school.......


The Battle of the Century (or maybe just the lockdown period) is about to commence! A battle between the most mathematical of rockstars. A battle between the best Blandford schools of rock. Dunbury vs the World (or maybe just three other schools in Blandford!). Who will be crowned The School of Rock?

The battle commences at 09:00 hours on Monday 18th May and runs until 16:00 hours on Friday 6th June. Play in any game type on TTRS and the winning class will have the highest number of correct answers per pupil. This is about being accurate, not being fast! Only correct answers collected during 9am – 4pm count towards our score.

Dunbury vs the World? Dunbury, of course!

Friday 22nd May


Good morning everyone!

I am so excited about our class Zoom later on today! We will be having an end of half term party with games and a quizz so wear your party gear and get ready for some Cherry style fun! 🍒🎉
If you haven't replied to my Dojo message yet, don't worry, there's still time. Mrs Jackson, Mrs Henderson and I would love to see all of the children there!

Today's learning:
Maths - TTRS & TT Test day 5. Money lesson 5.
Writing - Shape poetry and collating our poems into a mini book over on the Learning Wall.
Reading - Chapter 14 and a summarising activity on the Reading Realm.
Spellings - test day on the learning Wall.

Have an amazing morning and I will see you at 3PM!
Mrs H 👩‍🏫❤