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Dunbury Academy is now closed indefinitely. From Tuesday 24th March, childcare for children of critical workers will be held at Archbishop Wake Primary School, Blandford. Contact the Dunbury Office for further information

Maple: Y 1/2

Welcome to Maple Class Home Learning for today.


This page will be updated daily. Every day there will be new lessons for you to take part in and every week you'll have a new 'learning project' linked to our topic that will set out all the information you need for regular daily activities. The documents below called

Week 1 - Home Learning - Year 1 and Week 1 - Home Learning - Year 2  are the key documents you will need. 



Please keep an eye on this page, as well as the Class Story on Class Dojo, as these two places will be the key to your learning. 

I will post regular videos on Class Dojo - watch out for those and I look forward to seeing lots of the activities you've been doing as well as other things you have been up to at home. Don't forget, if you see any pictures in windows on your walks to send them to me so I can see what lovely things you have been drawing for each other!


Please submit your completed home learning on your Portfolio on Class Dojo and I will endeavour to provide feedback on as much as I can. I will be in school to teach for some of the week, so there may be times that I am not able to reply as quickly  than others, but I will reply to your messages as soon as I possibly can. 


Your first task is to create your own school timetable for every day. Make sure you add play times and send me details of what activities you and your family have been doing. I would really love to hear about any new games you have invented. Don't forget to ask the grown ups to share the games they used to play when they were your age. 


I look forward to hearing from you all soon. 

Stay safe. 

Mrs Durkin-Jones



Thursday 2nd April 


Dear Parents/Carers and Children, 

I didn't hear from any of you about April Fools jokes yesterday so I am guessing that you were all very well behaved and no pranks took place. I am really enjoying hearing about all of your lovely adventures as you go out on walks or just explore your gardens and the surrounding areas. Some of you are sending in videos of yourselves reading and it is so lovely to hear how well you are all doing. Keep sending your photographs and videos it is really fantastic to hear from you all. 

On this day in 1805 the writer Hans Christian Anderson was born. Look for one of his stories today and read it with a grown up. My favourite is The Ugly Duckling. Which one is yours?

Happy reading. 

Mrs D-J



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