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Autumn Term 2020 - Welcome back! ....... It is lovely to see all our children back in school.......


You will find all of the lesson presentations, questions and answers here:


This week we are learning from Summer Term Week 2 - w/c 27th April (please be aware that they have re-organised their web page. You will find Summer Term Week 2 at the bottom of the page in a pink bar.)


Week 4 - Decimals


Day 1 11/5/2020 - Lesson 1 Adding decimals with the same number of d.p.

Day 2 12/5/2020 - Lesson 2 Subtracting decimals with the same number of d.p.

Day 3 13/5/2020 - Lesson 3 Adding decimals with a different number of d.p.

Day 4 14/5/2020 - Lesson 4 Subtracting decimals with a different number of d.p.

Day 5 15/5/2020 - Lesson 5 - Maths Challenges


Listen and watch the presentation and then complete the activity which you will find by clicking on the link above. 

The answers are also available there. 

If you haven’t started any of the White Rose maths yet, please start from the beginning of Week 1 (not Summer Term Week 1), completing one lesson a day, as the lessons are in sequence and you’ll get confused if you miss it! You'll find this in the bottom pink bar at the bottom of the web page.

Year 5 Arithmetic Booklet

Complete about one page a day from this booklet. This is instead of the arithmetic booklets from last term. Continue from where you left off last week. 

Don't spend longer than 15 minutes on it. If it takes you longer, finish the page tomorrow. 

If you find any of the concepts tricky, please message me. 


I have now added another 'revision' booklet, for those of you who are close to finishing the multiplication booklet. Again, only work for 15 minutes on this each day.