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School will be closed from 5th January until further notice. Whitechurch base will be open for vulnerable children and those who are children of critical/keyworkers. More information will follow. Stay Safe.

Parent Guide - Understanding Maths

This page is currently being updated. 


Whilst we are all learning and working from home, please contact your class teacher as the first point of contact if there is any part of the maths learning you are unsure of. The children are taught maths in a specific way in the classroom and the teachers are still very much available to teach them in this way. 

Maths at Dunbury


Maths at Dunbury is probably very different to when you or I were learning maths at school. I’m sure you’ve all heard the words, “That’s not how we do it at school,” when you are trying to support your children with their learning. Please don’t let this put you off. These maths videos have been created to help you guide your child in the same way we do at Dunbury. We have not “changed maths” but changed how we teach children the mathematical concepts in a way that will help them to better understand what they are learning. Our maths curriculum is designed to maximise children’s understanding of the maths concepts, not just to find a process of calculating.


You will notice that the videos start by using objects, resources and pictures to help the children understand the concept being taught before moving on to using a formal written method (such as column addition). It is really important that, in the early stages of learning, you are able to encourage your child to use the methods that they are being taught in school.  Please talk to your child's teacher if you want to discuss any of these in more detail - we would be delighted to talk to you!


Thank you for supporting your child.  If you have read this far, it is probably because you want to help your child in the best way possible by being consistent with the methods we teach in school.



How to use these videos


These videos are aimed at parents who would like to support their child with their maths learning, whilst using the methods and techniques we use in the classroom.


On each page, you will find videos in order of the progression of maths from Early Years (Year R) to Year 6. Although the concept may be introduced in a lower year group, it is a basis of what they will need as they get older. Whenever a new concept is introduced in school, we use concrete resources, such as place value counters, Numicon and Dienes, to teach the ideas to all children, not just those in the lower years.


I hope these videos are useful to you. Please contact me if there is any concept or method you would like any further guidance with.


Miss Weeks