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'Strength in difference, together we are one, together we fly high'

Courage – I rise to a challenge and I am brave.

Friendship – I encourage others and build them up.

Trust – I am honest and helpful and make the right choices.

Respect – I treat others how I would like to be treated.


Spelling in EYFS and Year 1

Spelling is innate in the Read Write Inc phonics programme that every child in EYFS and Year 1 take part in daily. They learn to encode (spell) words using Fred Fingers and learn to spell and read simultaneously. 


Supporting with Spelling

Spelling in Year 2 - 6

Beyond the RWI programme, children continue to apply the strategies learnt in phonics lessons to spelling through use of Jane Considine's spelling vehicle: The Spelling Book.


Daily lessons involve activities to develop etymology (where words originate from) and morphology (how words are structured, such as adding prefixes and suffixes), as well as continuing to develop children's awareness of alternative spellings for the sounds they know. 


Every two weeks, children investigate the sound and spelling patterns of a set of words and become 'word detectives', identifying the same sound and spelling in their reading. A lot of children can perform in a spelling test, but cannot apply these spellings in their writing, therefore this list of words is not sent home to learn. This is in order to develop their pattern spotting and sound correspondences for application in their writing.