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'Strength in difference, together we are one, together we fly high'

Courage – I rise to a challenge and I am brave.

Friendship – I encourage others and build them up.

Trust – I am honest and helpful and make the right choices.

Respect – I treat others how I would like to be treated.


Dunbury Church of England 

Academy Standards and Ethos Committee


Who is the Academy Standards and Ethos Committee (ASEC)?

The Academy Standards and Ethos Committee (ASEC) is a voluntary group,  of Governors, who carry out many of the functions of a Governing Body. The Governors report to an overarching body called the Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust Board. The Governors are responsible for the strategic direction of Dunbury C of E Academy and monitor the impact and implementation of the Academy Improvement Plan by holding the school to account for its actions. In this respect, the Governors works alongside the Headteacher and are a key part of Dunbury’s Leadership Team.


Together with the school the Governors will promote high achievement in all curriculum areas so that children can accomplish the very best in all they do, in a safe and caring environment.


What do we do?

The Academy Standards and Ethos Committee are bound by a Scheme of Delegation, Constitution and Terms of Reference. These documents provide the set of rules by which the Governors abide in supporting the Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust Board (DSAT) take responsibility for Dunbury C of E Academy.

More information about DSAT and the Governor role can be found on the governance section of the DSAT website.

Governance Arrangements for the new Forum Hub