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School will be closed from 5th January until further notice. Whitechurch base will be open for vulnerable children and those who are children of critical/keyworkers. More information will follow. Stay Safe.


Teaching Staff 

                            Headteacher                    Mrs H. Doswell

EYFS & Year 1    Beech Class                    Mrs E. Culy, Assistant Headteacher & SENCo

                                                                    Mrs T Hughes

Year 1 &2             Maple Class                    Mrs J Durkin-Jones

Year 3 & 4            Cherry Class                   Miss T Ashplant

Year 4 & 5            Golden Willow Class       Mrs C Duerdoth

Year 6                   Scots Pine Class            Miss L. Weeks, Senior Leader

All Years               HLTA                               Miss O'Brien


Teaching Assistants

EYSF to Year 2         Mrs S Seaton,  Mrs K Graham,  Mrs C Barnaby

Year 3 to 6               Mrs S Fisher,  Mrs J Jackson,  Mrs S Henderson,  Miss E Williams


School Administration

Finance & Business Manager    Miss S Sherwin

Senior Admin Assistant              Mrs E Lewis

Admin Assistant                         Mrs L Manning

Clerk to Governors                     Mrs K Biggs


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs L Manning             Mrs C Barnaby                 Mrs P Dowdeswell 

Mrs H Gillingham         Mrs B Arnold


Premises Teams

Caretaker Whitechurch Base          Mr N Wilson

 Janitor & Cleaner Kingston Base    Mrs G Gray

Cleaners Whitechurch Base            Mrs S Rose,  Mrs J Quinlan