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Church of England Academy

'Strength in difference, together we are one, together we fly high'

Courage – I rise to a challenge and I am brave.

Friendship – I encourage others and build them up.

Trust – I am honest and helpful and make the right choices.

Respect – I treat others how I would like to be treated.

Well Being

Looking after our mental health is always really important.


The 5 Ways to Wellbeing are 5 simple steps to look after your mental health and help you feel happier. 


1) Take notice - stop and look around you. What can you see, hear, smell, feel? Take time, wherever you are, to enjoy your surroundings.

2) Connect - with you friends, family, teachers. Stop and say "Hi". Ask someone how they are. Tell someone about your day. Connection is key to staying well and happy. A 20 second hug releases our feel good hormones and lifts our mood.

3) Keep learning - and not just at school! Try a new skill. Maybe it's something your friend enjoys or someone at home. Give something new a go.

4) Give - the act of giving increases our feeling of self worth and motivation and it doesn't mean giving your things away! It can be as small as giving a smile. All acts of kindness, no matter how big or small, make others feel good which, in turn, makes us feel good. Give someone your time today.

5) Be active - getting exercise of any kind is proven to make our bodies healthier, we know this. But did you also know being active makes our minds healthier? Whether it's a walk with the dog, a ride round the block on your bike or beating your personal bounce score on the trampoline, getting moving makes us happier.


Take a look at the 5 Ways To Wellbeing video - (make sure you get your grown up's permission!)