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Courage – I rise to a challenge and I am brave.

Friendship – I encourage others and build them up.

Trust – I am honest and helpful and make the right choices.

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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities


Our SENDCo is Mrs Culy. She is happy to chat through any concerns that you might have regarding your child and can be contacted through the school office or via email on 


Who is Mrs Culy and why is she SENDCo?


I am Mrs Culy ( you should see my photo to the left). I was diagnosed as being dyslexic when I was at university and since then I have become more and more passionate that Special Educational Needs is not about a label that limits what we can do but about being creative about how we do things. Reading drains my brain of energy so you might see me wearing some funny blue glasses that help me to read for much longer before getting tired. 


The key learning for me through my SENDCo training was about how pupils with Special Educational Needs have the best chance of success if they have a great support team to work with them. That is my key role in school, not to be the team but to ensure that all the best members of the team are involved, the teachers, pupils, parents and other professionals. 


I have taught a range of pupils with various needs over the years, including pupils with cochlear implants, dyslexia, ASD and attachment disorders. I am not an expert about any specific need, but I will work to find out all that I can from the pupil themselves, their parents and any other experts in the field. 


For further details about how SEND works at Dunbury, please look at our Local Offer below or contact me on the details above. 



Dunbury Information Report

Please find below the Information Report for our school (which gives a detailed break down of how we as a school aim to meet the needs of children with SEND) and a link to the Family Information Service where you can find more information on what is on offer in the local area. 


Dorset Local Offer ~ Click here to access the website

SEND Information Report

Links to Policies Relating to SEND

Please click on the title and the link should take you to another part of the website where the document of information can be found.


Policy for 'Supporting children at school with medical conditions'


The Accessibility Plan


Equality Information


School admissions information